Writing Grant Proposals

Consultant Rob Siegel has acquired more than 20 years of experience in writing successful proposals in response to educational grant offerings at the regional, state and federal levels in the United States. Here is a brief summary of his achievements. NOTE: nearly all proposals were fully funded.

Consultant Rob Siegel wrote annual Federal grant proposals including all Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) K-12 Title Programs within state and federal guidelines for two school districts in Oregon. During those 11 years, 14 grants were awarded totaling over $25M.  Between 2004-2008, these grants included collective partnership planning with Local and State Agencies, both educational and community social action groups.

Consultant Rob Siegel successfully wrote two Mentorship Grants for middle schools in a large school district in Oregon that involved partnerships with the Big Brother Big Sister Organization for $600K.

Consultant Rob Siegel spearheaded a partnership design with Legacy Health that involved community outreach for Diversity Education in 3 elementary schools totaling $80K.

As Coordinator of STEM Initiatives for the ESD112 in Vancouver, WA, consultant Rob Siegel wrote and was awarded the $1.3M proposal for a 3-year Math Science Partnership grant for the ESD112 and two middle schools. The initiative involved collective partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education (IHE), community organizations, and local school districts.

Consultant Rob Siegel successfully wrote a proposal to the National Science Foundation for a 3-Year math-science partnership grant for the ESD112 totaling $524K entitled “nPower Girls – Cultivating Achievement and Interest in STEM”.

Consultant Rob Siegel was contracted by the ESD112 to write a proposal to the Washington State Achievement Council (WSAC) entitled “Transformative Math Assessment (TMA)” over three years totaling $94K that infused using formative assessment to improve student learning as well as teacher professional learning in innovative math teacher pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK).

Consultant Rob Siegel worked with the ESD112 to write an ambitious 5-year proposal to the US Department of Education Office of English Language Learners (ELLs) totaling $1.9M. The proposal utilizes the department of higher education of the ESD112 (called ESD-U) to increase the number of educators with English Language Learner or bi-lingual (or both) endorsements in six district in southern Washington state on their teaching credentials thereby improving instruction to ELLs to improve their English Language Development (ELD) as well as academic achievement in Reading (English) and Mathematics.

Consultant Rob Siegel worked with the ESD112 in Vancouver, WA to write a 3-year proposal to the National Science Foundation for an Early Stage Design and Development Study in the Teaching strand ($500K) that will document, describe and scale pathways for rural school districts that are aiming to integrate STEM-based instruction. The project will ensure integration of all the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and provide opportunities for students in grades PreK-12. Focusing on districts in rural SW WA, this project will develop case studies and replicable professional learning models of district and teacher leadership, business and community relationships, and create samples of teaching outcomes that can be scaled to statewide and national settings.