Virtual Global Education Conferences

There is a great deal of talk today about the skills necessary for preparing our students to live and thrive in the 21st Century. However, most of this has to do with academic, learning, technology and environmental skills such as within the Framework for 21st Century Skills from the “Partnership for 21st Century Skills”.  Has anyone considered one of the most obvious?  Consider how the world has become like one country in many ways (economically, ecologically and even educationally). What has happened to the evolution of the social science curriculum to help prepare students to live in the inexorably evolving global society? What does education to promote the oneness of the human race look like? What methods will be included in true multicultural education? How can we really assess “Global Awareness” to the degree that it leads to the elimination of prejudices and not just informational or academic rhetoric? We have begun to research this, and anyone interested in learning with us can get an idea from a presentation by our Consultant Rob Siegel at the fifth annual Virtual Global Education Conference. The title of the presentation was: Transition Toward a Global Society: A K-8 Social Science Framework and you can access a recording of that session here.